How long until I get the photos delivered to me?

After a session you’ll get a link to an online proof gallery emailed to you typically within 24-48 hours. Delivery of retouched photos is at about 3-5 days, though often faster. Rush service is available for an additional $25 fee for each image you select.

Do I need a make-up/hair artist?

Your headshot should look like your everyday you, but the best version of you, so do your hair and makeup like you normally do it. It’s best to go for natural-looking makeup, so if you have a hair and makeup artist at the session, he/she will talk to you about your everyday look and apply makeup to look natural, but more camera-ready than the regular/daily makeup we usually apply ourselves. The key for headshot makeup is subtlety. If you do your own hair and make-up, please be camera ready by the time I arrive, or if choosing the studio option.

Will you coach me into different poses and facial expressions?

You will be coached into several different poses and expressions to make sure we’ve got plenty of great photos with lots of options.

What are looks?

Looks are considered wardrobe changes. Along with the wardrobe I may change the lighting and backgrounds as well. 

I live in a small apartment. Is there going to be enough room to shoot here?

Probably, but it really depends on the type of headshots or portraits you’re looking for. Most headshots are from the mid-chest up, and I have collapsible backgrounds that fit in most spaces. When we’re not using simple gray, white, or black backgrounds, we’ll blur the background so that even a cluttered or uninteresting room takes on an abstract quality. Creative lighting, whether for contemporary or cinematic headshots and portraits, is what’s most important. However, if you’re looking for full body photos, perhaps with a paper seamless background, we’ll probably have to shoot in the studio, unless you have a room large enough to accommodate it.

Where is the studio located?

To keep prices reasonable, I rent space at local studios as needed. This will usually be in the vicinity of North Hollywood or Downtown Los Angeles. A deluxe studio option is available to add that extra wow factor to you photos. If you’re looking for high-end cinematic headshots or portraits, I highly recommend the Deluxe option. To view some of the available studios, click here or here.

What to wear and not to wear?

Here are some do's and dont's—


Solid colors are best. Jackets are the quickest way to make a change, and bright jewel colors can be eye-catching, especially when they compliment the eyes. For professional men, black, navy blue, and gray suits/jackets look best.


Always avoid busy patterns like stripes, including pinstripes, or dots. It’s generally best to avoid yellows, as it can have unpleasant affects on the appearance of skin. It’s also not a great idea to wear all white, unless it’s more cream colored. Bright white tops tend to blow out under the lights and wash out the skin. But a dark jacket over a white shirt is just fine.  

How do we pay you? 

The nonrefundable session fee is required to hold your booking. To confirm your booking, a contract and an invoice will be emailed to you with various payment options. Once you return both, we can schedule your session.

Can I reschedule?

We understand things happen and we try to rebook you if we can. We do require a minimum 24 hours notice for rescheduling and cancellation if we’re shooting at your location, and 72 hours notice if we’ve scheduled studio time. Your deposit will be forfeit if we cannot re-book you.

How should I credit social media posts?

Please credit all instagram posts: @davidglenlarson. Please credit other photos “David Glen Larson Photography”

Is there sales tax?

There is no sales tax in California if you simply download images electronically from your private gallery. However, if you decide you’d like to order prints, wall art, or gift items made from your images, sales tax will be added AND it will include a tax on the original photography session.